Thruxton Memorial Hall

Built in the 1820’s as a Weslyian Chapel, Thruxton Memorial Hall is an iconic building refurbished in 2000 and subsequently beautifully maintained. The main hall can hold up to 100 people so is ideal for parties or a wedding reception. A stage is also available if required. The Hall also has a very good PA system, projector and screen.  A smaller side room is available for more intimate groups or possibly classes, available on a single or regular basis. There is a good size and fully equipped and functional kitchen together with ample toilet facilities. Though the pandemic has put a temporary hold on social events and entertaining please bear us in mind for any special occasions you may be planning in the future.  Currently, the smaller Machin Room is unavailable for any group larger than 6. Thruxton residents receive a discount and all proceeds from bookings go towards the upkeep and improvement of the hall. Bookings are listed below but sometimes these bookings can be flexible, so if you have an occasion in mind, always check with Kate on the number below.Anyone wishing to view the hall or has any queries please call Kate Christie on 07736 804445

At their meeting on Wednesday 14 October, the Trustees of the Memorial Hall passed the following resolution

‘In the interest of the continuance of the smooth running of Thruxton Memorial Hall, the Trustees have regrettably felt unable to hold the usual AGM as a result of the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves.  We agree that the re-election of the Chair, Treasurer and four longest serving Trustees be set aside until we are next able to hold an AGM at which point they will be offered for re-election in the usual manner’

At that meeting it was also agreed that come what may, we will hold our next AGM no later than May 2021, and that if necessary, this will be via an internet platform, most likely, Zoom.

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