Village Events

Rumble/Jumble Saturday 19th March 2022 2 – 4 pm 

Want to get rid of your accumulated stuff in the attic/leftover Xmas presents/grown up children’s detritus?  Why not be part of our village-wide jumble sale on your own drive.  Donate £5 to the village as a stall holder, we will do the advertising and you keep the profits for yourself. Potential “customers” will pay for access to a map showing the sites round the village. Everyone gains!  Any income raised will go towards the Jubilee Celebrations

Location map needs to be produced by Wednesday 16th March so please send address and contact information (and £5) to Pat Counsell, Frogis Land, 17 Lambourne Way or email or phone 773296/07787-946016.  

If you are coming to buy, a location map of the stalls can be purchased on the day for £2 from Pat at Frogis Land, 17 Lambourne Way (house with green fence directly opposite the Village Hall)

Memorial Hall Bookings / Events

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