Thruxton is a thriving community with clubs and organizations catering for all residents. Sadly with the outbreak of COVID-19 some of these organizations are currenty not in operation but hopefully as restrictions ease they will come back stronger than ever with renewed enthusiasm.

The Three Villages Sports Trust

The Trust was set up some years ago with the goal of raising sufficient funds to build a pavilion at the Sports Field. That is still the long term goal but for now the Trust is looking at ways for the community to fully utilise this wonderful facility. The field is protected by the Fields in Trust Charity which means it can never be developed on. The field has lots of play equipment, seating, a football pitch and a large walking area. Before COVID-19 the Trust was running a free exercise class on Sunday morning and the hope is that can start up again soon. If you would like more information please contact Rick Smart on 07786246291

Neighbourhood Watch

Chaired by Kate Phillipson the Neighbourwood Watch Group are focused on residents saftey. More details to follow.

The Village Association

Chaired by Cat Boslem the VA is focused on raising funds for the community organizations through fun events such as the Village Fete, Pop-Up Events in the Hall and events for children. More details to follow.

Parochial Church Council

The PCC looks after the running of Thruxton Church which I am glad to say is slowly reopening its doors as COVID-19 restrictions are eased. We have a wonderful Church Warden Sue King who will be happy to provide more information. Click here for more details.

Parish Council

Chaired by Peter Christie the PC is responsible for the Local Government matters within the village. Click here for more details to follow.

Hall Trustees

Chaired by Kate Christie the Trustees administer the running of our wonderful Village Hall. More details to follow.

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