Fitness with Sue King

I have decided to open my Zoom fitness classes to anyone who is interested in joining us. Classes take place at 9.30am on Tuesdays and 10am on Wednesdays live on Zoom. I also offer a recording of the class afterwards. We do a gentle exercise class to music which lasts just over an hour and includes a warm up, cool down and plenty of core and posture work in between, including floor work. If you are interested in joining me please email for the Zoom link and further information. Participants do the class at their own risk; I cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred in your own home. So, clear some space, grab a mat or a towel and wing me an email.

Dawn Breakers

DAWN BREAKERS is the original six-week, thirty-workout, morning fitness programme! Our courses are accessible to everyone, regardless of shape or size, age, or fitness level. Every part of the programme can be tailored to suit you, and to give you optimum results in a short amount of time. Established in 2013, we continue to grow, improve, and expand! You can now find us in Andover, Newbury, Winchester, Amesbury and Southampton… with more venues on the way!

While we could be called a “Boot Camp”, we take a much more scientific approach than most, and the course progresses as you do. As well as the actual workouts, the programme includes a fantastic sports nutrition plan that’s easy to follow and stick to, lifestyle advice, and an unrivalled, ongoing, support network of experts and fellow DBers! Take the plunge and book a class at

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