Maisey Rowles Raffle

Thruxton Teenager Maisey Rowles is still hoping to go on a school trip to Borneo later in the year. In order to attend the trip she has to contribute a lot towards the cost and hence is hosting an online raffle on Thursday 21st January. Tickets are £1 and can be purchased at Maisey Raffle

Thruxton Badger Watch

I am pleased to announce that as of Friday 8th there will be a daily zoom call for the younger ones – Thruxton Badger Watch. This is aimed at Primary aged children and below .The idea is offer a daily broadcast of around 30 minutes to entertain the children and hopefully give the parents chance to grab a cup of tea. Initially this will take the form of reading age appropriate books via zoom and maybe having a sing along. Hopefully we can add in online activities and also offer children the chance to showcase their reading / other talents. Its very much a work in progress but if you are interested in your child participating and / or would like to become part of the Badger Watch Team please complete the attached form. Now before I get a tirade of comments I am well aware that in the normal world offering a service such as this would be riddled with red tape around safeguarding, privacy etc. Sadly we are not in a normal world so I think by taking a careful responsible approach we can achieve something worthwhile. Through my various roles at Kimpton School and Rookwood I have been CRB checked several times with no issue. I am also the TVBC COVID Contact and Chairman of two village charities so I would hope you feel comfortable that you are in safe hands. Of course should you not wish to participate that is fine. It is also fine to join the call with the camera off – no doubt parents will also be in the room as they will have to set the zoom up for their child. Its an idea that may or may not work but we have lots of talented people in the village (Adults and Teens) and I would love to think we could once again pull together to help the younger ones. Please complete the form if you are interested.…

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