The church of St Peter and St Paul, Thruxton has two Churchwardens: Christine Barrett,, 01264 571029 and Sue King,, 07747 061473.  Christine is also the Parish Administrator so any request for weddings, baptisms or funerals should be directed to her.  Sadly we are ‘in vacancy’ at the moment and therefore without a Priest.  However the church continues to function with services every Sunday at 9.30am with visiting clergy.  Due to Covid19 we are only just getting back to normal and our pattern of services may be slightly disrupted.  Please refer to the noticeboard outside church or for more up to date details, or phone Sue any time.  During August, 10am services are usually held at just one of the five churches in the Benefice (Kimpton, Thruxton, Fyfield, Appleshaw and Shipton Bellinger).  Due to availability of clergy these services have not yet been decided upon.

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