Three months ago, we formed the Village Virus Volunteers Group in preparation for the COVID-19 Crisis. We had no clue how events would unfold but we knew we had to be ready to deal with whatever came our way. We formed a Volunteer Group and started to raise money to purchase essential items for the vulnerable as well as general items to help boost village morale.

At the height of the crisis the volunteer group were actively support 50 plus residents with food deliveries, prescription collection, transport etc. The volunteer Group of Sue and Martin King, Cat Boslem, Chris Fitzgerald, Jo Lees, Pete and Donna Hyde and Callum Jackman worked tirelessly to ensure that every resident was safe and cared for. Other residents also helped us with deliveries and collections and the support was incredible.

We also received incredible support from local suppliers. Tillydown Butchers bagged up individual meat orders for residents and gave a 20% discount. They also donated to our raffle as did Kenyon’s who continue to supply us weekly with amazing fruit and veg for the elderly. Londis have also been incredible in Weyhill. They sourced stock at the start of the crisis and donated £100 of stock to us. They also donated very generously to our raffle and have just been immense.

As shops start to open, schools gradually opening and more people going back to work some sense of normality is creeping back in. Of course, the virus has not gone away and vigilance and common sense is key if we want to avoid a second spike. We are now only supporting around a dozen residents and we will continue to do that and any other resident who needs assistance. If you need assistance please contact Rick Smart at 07786246291.

The Volunteer Committee has decided to pull back on the extra activities such as Thruxton Live, Competitions, Raffles etc for the time being. Frankly we need a rest. We will ramp things back up during the school holidays and hope if restrictions have eased a bit, we might be able to some activities at the Sports field. I will of course continue to share news via Thruxton Life and also give houst outs for birthdays, anniversaries etc. Also please do contact one of the Volunteers or myself if you or a neighbour need assistance.

Donations made by Volunteer Group

Pride Donation£300
Hall Donation£100
Alzeihners Donation£50
Hall Donation£250
Church Donation£150
Church Donation£100
NHS Donation£130
Church Donation£250
Hall Donation£250
Air Ambulance Donation£250
Village Association Donation£200.00
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