Kimpton Apple Press

Kimpton Apple Press is located at Kimpton Manor Farm and they specialise in turning your fruit either into delicious juice or distilling into their wonderful Churchwarden’s Spirit.

Bring them as many of your garden apples [or pears] as you can and they will press, bottle and pasteurise them at our Hampshire Apple Press. To complete the process we can then label them with your own personalised label, and your fruit juice will be ready to drink, or can be stored for up to 8 months.

If you fancy something a little stronger they press apples from anyone who would like to be included , then distil, and age in oak until the Churchwarden’s spirit is just right. For every Kimpton Apple Press crate of sweet apples you bring, you will be entitled to buy up to 3 bottles of 25%ABV alcoholic tipple at a reduced price.

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